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Plastic Brochure Holders

plastic brochure holders
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ACC Design Plastic Brochure Holders

Plastic brochure holders from ACC Design are available in standard and custom designs. Since ACC is a plastics fabricator, we can offer semi-custom and custom designed plastic brochure holders as well as industry standard designs.

We produce quality plastic brochure holders at very aggressive pricing even for small quantities, especially when text or graphics are desired...please ask for your cost to add printing, you will be surprised how low it is compared to other companies.Where we can really help to separate your company from the competition is through the use of a custom designed theme. A few examples of these literature holders are the house, computer or mountain themes shown on this page

Plastic brochure holders  - custom design

Standard design

Plastic brochure holders  - custom size

Single level

Plastic brochure holders  - multiple level

Plastic brochure holders  - 8 1/2 x 11

Tri fold

Plastic brochure holders  - pen and pencil holders

Outdoor Brochure Holders

Plastic brochure holders  - business card holders


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