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Custom Plastic Display Cases

custom plastic display cases
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Plastic Display Cases in Custom Designs

ACC Design plastic display cases are made of quality acrylic and silk screen printing can be added at little cost. We hand craft our custom plastic display cases, we DO NOT mold or extrude our custom plastic display cases from a machine.This process produces high quality custom plastic display cases and gives us the ability to do custom designs on plastic display cases for less then our competition, especially on small quantities of custom display cases.

Custom plastic display cases can be created in small or large quantities at very low prices, ACC Design hand fabrication makes this possible. Because we can produce smaller quanities of custom plastic display cases for less than most companies, businesses can reduce expenses by buying less cases more often than being forced to buy a large quantity of custom plastic display cases at once.

Using custom plastic display cases instead of standard molded cases will help you present your products in the best way possible. Whether your products are a unique shape or you want text or graphics to help sell your items, a custom plastic display case from Custom Craft Plastics is a great way to sell more.


custom plastic display case

Examples of Custom Counter Top Plastic Display Cases

custom plastic cases