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Custom Acrylic Display Case Manufacturer

custom acrylic display cases
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ACC Custom Acrylic Display Case Manufacturer

ACC Design is a custom acrylic display case manufacturer, designer and silk-screen printer. We manufacture quality custom acrylic display cases for your unique needs.

Because we are a quality custom acrylic display case manufacturer, we hand fabricate our acrylic display cases for better quality, we DO NOT mold them or extrude them from a machine like many lower quality display case imports.

Many manufacturers will produce a custom mold for thousands of dollars and then produce a poor quality display case for you using lower grade plastic. ACC Design uses superior acrylic plastic and hand crafts our products, this has earned us the reputation of being a leading custom acrylic display case manufacturer.

Our hand crafting not only produces a high quality custom acrylic display case, but also gives us the ability to do smaller quantities (if needed) for a reasonable price because there are no expensive molds involved.

Because ACC is a manufacturer of hand fabricated custom acrylic display cases, adding custom graphics and/or text adds little addition cost. ACC performs printing on custom acrylic display cases in our facility, providing a one stop solution and better quality control.

Have an idea for a custom display case? Need an idea for a custom display case? ...Let us help

custom acrylic display case

Ask About Our Unique Colored Glowing Edge Plastic, We Have a Variety Of Colors To Get Your Items Noticed

Mirrored Plastic Can Be Used For Your Displays (Like Mirrored Glass) To Make A Nice Reflection Of Your Products

custom acrylic plastic display cases

Acrylic Plastic Accessories Can Be Designed And Produced For Use With Your Own Custom Display Cases

acrylic display cases

custom acrylic retail display cases

Custom Designed Point Of Purchase / Retail Displays Can Increase Your Sales

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