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About Custom Craft Plastics

custom craft plastics
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About Us


ACC Design is an innovator in the acrylic plastic fabrication industry. Our company designs, manufactures and silk-screen prints standard and custom products. All our products are hand fabricated in the United States for superior quality, yet our pricing is some of the best in the industry at the same time.

Hand crafting of our items allows us to produce superior looking products as compared to other companies that use molds to form their items. While molded products can be less expensive when mass produced, they tend to leave imperfections from the molding process and the plastic may change color over time.

Companies that use molds tend to charge more to have custom printing put on their products or have other companies do the printing for them, which usually causes higher printing prices and then an overall higher cost can happen.

Since ACC Design creates our own printing at our factory headquarters, we have the ability to add text and graphics at very inexpensive prices, even for smaller quantities.

ACC Design can modify our existing products or create new ones for your company if reasonable quantities are ordered. Molds for custom items can get expensive unless you need many items to be produced, ACC Design hand fabricates even our standard items, so custom designs can be very reasonable.

We  can provide services such as being a virtual warehouse with the ability to perform drop shipping. If you prefer to order in larger quantities and distribute our products yourself, we can individually package our items for safe re-shipping from your location.

There are too many variables to provide pricing on our web site, please call us for a will be glad you did


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